Prevent Bird Infestations in your Garden & Home

Preventing Bird Infestations in your Garden & Home

When you are worried about the possibility of bird infestation,there are some things to consider. Preventing bird infestations is a crucial key to protecting your garden or home from the many dangers that bird infestations can cause. These infestations have been a problem for several years, and for all different types of businesses, families, and homes. Over the years there have been many people trying different techniques, but there are a few methods that work the best out of all of them.

Preventing Bird Infestations

  • Netting
  • Spikes
  • Electric Prevention
  • Optical Prevention


One of the ways of preventing bird infestations is to use a very cost effective netting. One of the ways it saves you money is by offering a long term solution to your bird infestation problem without harm to any of the birds. It is entirely customizable to any business or home property you may need to use it on, and it’s effects are absolutely immediate. It forces any and all of the birds causing you problems to move their roost, nests, and resting site to another location entirely.Protect your home & garden from Birds


A second way for preventing bird infestations is with bird spikes. Bird spikes are very discreet being hardly visible, and they are a suitably cost effective prevention method. The only problem with this method is the fact that these do not work with smaller species of the birds that may be plaguing your home or business.

Electric Prevention

Electric prevention may sound scary, but for preventing bird infestations is definitely a humane way to go. They send out recurring and alternating mild electric shocks that are painful, but not damaging to the birds. These spikes are extremely hard to see when up close, and practically invisible from far away. The fact that they are long lasting, and could stay in service for up to and over 5 years makes this a very good choice.

Optical Prevention

Another option for preventing bird infestations is called optical prevention. It does absolutely no harm to the birds whatsoever. How it works is this device reflects light beams in a pattern that mimics the presence of a bird of prey. That light reflection pattern causes the birds to alter their flight pattern while trying to land somewhere. So instead of landing on your roof, it forces them to find what they believe to be a safer landing area. This prevention method does not work on already resting birds, and only works satisfactorily when installed in specific types of sites and weather conditions.

At pest control Perth preventing bird infestations is an important pest control service we provide to ensure that your garden and home are safe from birds, as well as the people you work with, your family, and your customers. The ways we prevent infestations are humane, very effective, and will save you a lot of money in the long run by saving your business and home from a lot of very expensive property damage.

It will also help in preventing the kinds of diseases that wild birds carry from plaguing your family, customers, and coworkers. When worried about an infestation of this sort, please keep the safety of all those around you in mind. We ask you to consider bird infestation prevention to stop the trouble before it has a chance to harm the things you really care about, and to contemplate the purchasing of our very safe, humane, and wonderful methods and products for keeping those pesky birds at a distance from your home or busine. For more handy bird infestation tips, click here

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