The Benefits of Dry Organic Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to the world of professional upholstery cleaning there are three main methods most companies like carpet cleaning Perth uses. These are:upholstery cleaning

* Hot water extraction
* Shampooing
* Encapsulation

Whereas all of these methods have their place and can produce professional results there are also some disadvantages. Different types of upholstery do require different professional cleaning methods but one of the main problems with cleaning upholstery is over-wetting.

Over-wetting is a major problem when it comes to upholstery cleaning and can cause shrinkage, leaks and the development of odors (which is one of the main reasons why people have their upholstery professionally cleaned in the first place). That’s why some advanced companies have switched to the new technology known as dry organic upholstery cleaning. The equipment does involve the use of minimal amounts of moisture but intelligently controls the amount of water which is used which leads to zero problems with over wetting.

Dry organic upholstery cleaning can remove deeply ingrained soil leaving carpets and upholstery cleaner than you could ever imagine – they’ll be good as new. The major benefit for many householders however is the fact that their carpets and furniture is left completely dry which means that they can replace their furniture and enter their homes immediately. This method also means that none of the valuable stain resistant materials which were provided with your carpet or upholstery will have been removed.

Dry organic upholstery cleaning means:
* Carpets and furnishings will be left dry and ready for use. You can walk on them and sit on them immediately.
* A more effective cleaning method. This method can provide permanent stain removal without the worry of stains coming back soon after the cleaning process has been completed.
* The lack of moisture means that there is no risk of mold. There is also no residue left from carpet or upholstery cleaning detergents. This method does not utilize liquid detergents so there is no danger of residues being left behind. Residue from detergents is the perfect environment for the incubation of germs.
* There may be other health benefits associated with having your upholstery organically dry cleaned, particularly for people who suffer from asthma and associated allergies.

It really does make sense to have your upholstery professionally cleaned, and it makes even more sense to have it cleaned by a company which utilizes the latest dry organic upholstery cleaning methods. Check whether your chosen cleaning company provides the option of dry organic cleaning. For more information, click here.

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